I will: check out your blog only if you tag me in a post, vote for you, be kind, love you:).
I won't: follow you back, tell my followers__, or publish hate.
Don't ask me why I unfollowed you please!
I'm here for all of you. To be a friend, or just to listen. Because I know what it's like to be alone.
I have x,xxx followers and I track the tag heytay

there are still some days where I think that life isn’t worth it.

where I slip back into being depressed old fucked up me.

for da anon:)
I wrote a poem. k yeah.

Her eyes glisten with a sense of fear. She dies a little more with every tear. Her future haunts her dreams, But no one hears her screams. She thinks about him, But knows she will never win the key to his sacred heart, She doesn’t even try to start. Instead she sits on her bed, Knowing she will never wed. Tears continue their journey down her precious face As she stares out into empty space.

Ed Sheeran is the only guy I’ll ever love.

omfg his U-Stream. he’s perf. yup okay

perfect night.

music, tumblr, tea and working on my book:)

hey loves<3:)
I think I’m actually start to like her…


hi loves:)<3
I look horrible as usual but I took it for you guys<3. Ily<3
I have an honest fear that I will die alone and never fall in love…

not even joking right now. it’s scary.

anyone want to talk to me?…no? okay….</3
just cuz<3
window pic:)
Let’s runaway and leave this madness behind. Stay within eachothers’ arms, and lose track of time.